Electric Cab Company Battle A Success

Good news, we have an update on the Austin Electric Cab situation.

After the previous article covering the situation received around 90,0000 views, and elicited over 1,000 responses to the Austin City council, we have results!

The council has approved a pilot program for the electric cabs. Though the downside is that after over 300 tickets and 3 arrests, fines and other costs will not be recouped by the cab company, it seems that battle is over. It is with hope that future monopolies will be broken down by enterprising individuals who have the courage and will to slug it out with their governments in order to better improve the lives of the people around them.

Many thanks to those who also ran the story, those who shared the story with their friends, and those who took the time to contact the city council. Activism is alive and well!

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